Sweat Equity is the process of applying human capital to achieve the results… when you don’t have financial capital, your next option is human capital. Venture Partnering is the distribution of human capital for equity in your business.

Nothing of greatness has ever been created without the help of others…  whether you are looking to raise for your venture or are hitting the wall with your strategies; Venture Partnering provides a bridge to a more sustainable and prosperous venture

Why you should consider Venture Partnering

When you hear the term Venture Partner immediately you think that this is referencing to Venture Capital Firms and entrepreneurs working with VCs to onboard ventures… well you would be right!

But, Venture Partnering in our world is a different proposition, to us this is the process of bringing the right resource and expertise to a venture to allow it to sustainably scale using an equity reward for expertise model, it also reduces the friction and enables flow.

Risk Mitigation

At Seventy7 Ventures we have over 50 years collective expertise in starting, scaling and selling ventures.  We understand that with big risk comes big rewards – but in business you cannot afford to gamble like that – we know what investors want and that is to be confident that the venture is risk-mitigated.

Curated Expertise

With an international network of 250 leading experts in their own fields and an abundance of industry influencers, we can provide the right expertise at the most appropriate time. Curating expertise is not viable without Venture Partnering

Traction to results

Strategy is important, tactics are crucial, whilst every venture is different; they all experience bottlenecks or glass ceilings. Venture Partnering solves these problems as our expertise becomes the engine room to drive the business forward.

Eligibility Criteria

We are looking for outstanding ventures that will become part of our portfolio of businesses that will address the digital and technology acceleration of the Creative Industries. To be part of the Seventy7, your venture must first pass our eligibility criteria and after assessing your application you will be invited to join.

Industry & Vertical

We are in search for digital and technology focussed ventures within the following seven verticals: Gaming & eSports, Immersive Reality, Entertainment, Leisure, Arts & Culture, Media and Sports.

Venture Status

Our preference is to work with ventures that are established and already engaging in their respective markets. Ideally already revenue generating, but not essential.

Business Structure

The business must have the capacity to develop a schedule where ‘sweat equity’ can be adopted. The principle model for the Venture Partner Program is to reward results with equity.

The journey to Seventy7

The Venture Partner Program consists of 7 verticals and 11 seats in each vertical. We are on a journey to fill all 77 seats with digital and technology centric ventures that will disrupt the Creative Industries