Seventy7 Ventures is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Ketan Makwana and Michael Jacobsen each with extensive backgrounds in business, entrepreneurship and a passion for innovation and creativity.

During the pandemic, both Ketan and Michael came to the realisation that the Creative Industries were hugely impacted economically and demonstrated extreme reduction in capability. COVID-19 brought a huge shift in consumer behaviour and the landscape pivoted.

As we emerged out of the lockdowns and entered the ‘new normal’ the digital and technology voids were clear to see within the Creative Industries.

In 2021 Seventy7 published a Whitepaper and that set the blueprint for what we have today; a the platform that will accelerate the digital and technology capabilities of the Creative Industries through sustainable investment solutions and intuitive venture partnering.

Our mission is to accelerate the digital and technology capabilities of the Creative Industries

The pandemic was a curse and a blessing for the Creative Industries; major shifts in consumer behaviour and a desperate need to adopt digital and technology into sectors really exposed the gaps. The Creative Industries pretty much prop up every single sector/industry out there yet lacks the very infrastructure to thrive.

Seventy7 Ventures has a mission to accelerate the digital and technology capabilities of ventures that impact the Creative Industries, leading to a more sustainable and scalable future.

Our Inception (2021)

In the midst of the pandemic, there was a strong realisation that the Creative Industries were struggling to keep up with changing landscapes and no matter the support measures people involved in the Creative Industries were underwhelmed and couldn’t access any benefits.

We published our Whitepaper (2030-CI) and used the very outputs as the blueprint to launch our platform Seventy7 Ventures. Our value to the industries came in the way of Capital Raising and Strategic Consulting.

Breaking through COVID (2023)

As we emerged from the lockdowns and entered our ‘new normal’ it was evident that what we had set out as a mission was totally needed; it was then we decided 2 must become 3 and we lured Jimmy to join the Executive Board. Since inception, Seventy7 has successfully supported the raise of £22m for Creative Industries ventures and also been awarded Best of British Business by The Independent.

Today, looking to the future (2024)

Today, Seventy7 Ventures has grown into an agency and platform that strives to make a dent in the Creative Industries: it will do so through the launch of its own fund (Creative Impact Fund) and by selecting and working with 77 digital & technology focussed ventures that will disrupt the Creative Industries; these ventures will enter an intuitive partner program where expertise is rewarded with equity

Executive Board

Ketan Makwana

Michael Jacobsen

Jimmy Nguyen

Advisory Board

Sir Eric Peacock

Julie Barber

Andrew Bloch