London 15th May 2023

Seventy7 Ventures, a leading agency specialising in the digitalisation of the Creative Industries is honoured to announce the appointment of Jimmy Nguyen to the Executive Board.  Nguyen brings a wealth of expertise and industry relationships from the Creative Arts, Intellectual Property law, as well the emerging tech fields of blockchain, Web3 and Metaverse to Seventy7 Ventures. He will play a vital role in guiding the company’s direction. 

Jimmy has a proven track record of immense success in digital media. With an array of experience ranging from a digital media lawyer, CEO of a major blockchain R&D Firm, and Founding President of the BSV Blockchain Association. Nguyen said; “Talking about technology is not enough; seeing is believing. By joining Seventy7 Ventures, I want to support companies that bring blockchain, Web3, Metaverse and other emerging technologies to real-life usage for these creative industries.” 

Nguyen will be joining Ketan Makwana and Michael Jacobsen on the board for Seventy7 Ventures; “I’m thrilled to be working with visionary, results-oriented and credible professionals like Ketan and Michael, who have a long track record of success. Ketan and Michael  are most importantly good human beings, and that humanity is key for us to deliver big technology WINs.”

Nguyen has built a global reputation for advancing the use of blockchain, a factor that Seventy7 Ventures is embracing and leading with. “Being a refugee immigrant from Vietnam to America, my entire life has been driven by a mission to empower potential – empower the potential of technology, people and even nations. Seventy7 Ventures provides an excellent platform for me to help empower the potential of emerging technology and aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe.” 

” We are humbled and excited…” was Ketan’s response “to have someone of Jimmy’s stature join the team speaks volumes about our intentions and capabilities… we cannot wait to get some exciting and progressive projects off the ground.”

Nguyen will be instrumental in driving the company forward, empowering potential, and leveraging new technologies. Seventy7 Ventures is eager to have Jimmy Nguyen on board and is excited about leveraging their expertise and guidance. 

About Seventy7 Ventures 

Seventy7 Ventures is an agency with the focus of accelerating the digitisation of the Creative Industries, to narrow this down further support the Entertainment, Media and Sports industries in adopting digital technology to align with fast shifting consumer behaviour and return these industries back to economic prosperity.

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